UMass Boston Police Department: No Shave November

Matthew Coviello / Put A Cap On Cancer

Check out the video to see how Cap Wigs have positively impacted the lives of many people already: https://youtu.be/EwGQDWlfwxw
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    Delvis Baez

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    Donald Baynard

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    As the Chief of the UMass Boston Police Department, I am so thankful for the men and women of the Department and of those who participated in this fundraiser. Every little bit counts for this more than worthy cause. Thank You!

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    Eric Giordano

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    Anything Matt Coviello can do to cover up more of that face will help everyone. 😘 Stay safe.

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    Alex Nevarez

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    Matthew Coviello

    $50.00 / 174 days ago

    Thanks Chief for allowing us to grow these beards or in my case a patchy excuse for a beard.

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    Paul Arnstein

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About UMass Boston Police Department: No Shave November

A woman’s hair is an incredible form of self-expression, therefore hair loss can be especially tough for those fighting cancer. The UMass Boston Police Department would like to assist in alleviating the emotional and financial pain associated with this by paying for a cancer patient’s cap wig. Our hope is to help women regain their identities while enduring the fight of their lives.

For the month of November, UMass Boston Police Chief Baynard will allow the department to grow beards in an attempt to raise money for this amazing cause. 

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